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Benidorm Bikes

247 Albany Tpke
Canton,  CT 06019

Phone: (860) 693-8891

Benidorm Bikes

Benidorm Bikes...what is in a name? Benidorm is the city in Spain where Jan and 3 teammates (Bunki, Eve and Jeanie) won the 1992 Women's 50K Team Time Trial World Championships. The 'stripes' have been earned for this shop!

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Tue: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wed: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thu: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Fri: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Past Events

  • Fix-A-Flat Clinic (Hands On!)
    06:00 PM - 05/25/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Are you ready to fix the inevitable flat? Learn what to carry and how to fix your very own flat...or maybe help someone else. Bring your bike, or a wheel for hands...

  • National Bike To Work Day Breakfast
    06:15 AM - 05/19/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    We encourage you to commute to work any day that you can, even by combining your ride with the use of public transportation. On the 19th, this coming Friday, we...

  • Fix A Flat Clinic and Marshmallow Roast, Will there be snow?
    06:00 PM - 04/27/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Be ready for your first flat! Make sure your flat changing essentials bag is complete. Bring your bike and learn how to change a flat. We will cover everything...

  • Bike Fit - Why, How & What are the benefits?
    06:00 PM - 04/13/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Your questions are important! When you ride a bike, you don't need to experience pain, numbness or discomfort. Our comprehensive and committed approach to bike...

  • Women's Bike Racing 101 Clinic
    06:00 PM - 03/23/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Do you love your bike and want to learn more about becoming involved with bike racing? Join us in this social environment and learn with others of similar interests...

  • Yoga for Cycling with Heather
    06:00 PM - 02/23/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Yoga isn’t just for yogis! Come learn how regular yoga practice can help you to be a better cyclist. This class will demonstrate yoga poses that will help improve...

  • Nail Your Off Season Nutrition
    06:00 PM - 01/26/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    The holidays are behind us! Some of the topics covered will include losing weight the healthy way, protein intake for off season strength training and proper fueling...

  • Lactate Threshold Testing Appointments
    09:00 AM - 01/21/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Lactate Threshold can most accurately be measured through a lactate threshold test. During this test, the intensity of riding indoors will increase to a point at...

  • Uncovering Watts - Using a Power Meter to get Faster!
    06:00 PM - 01/12/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Are you measuring your power while you ride, train or race? What does it mean? How can you use those measurements as a way to effectively train and become faster?...

  • US Cyclocross Nationals in Hartford at Riverfront
    08:00 AM - 01/03/2017

    At Benidorm Bikes

    The US Cyclocross Nationals don't make it to the Northeast too often. See the nation's best of all age groups compete for National Championship titles. Races begin...

  • Festive 500 Kick Off Ride
    11:00 AM - 12/26/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    On Mondays we are how about a ride with us at Benidorm Bikes? Group ride to leave from the shop at 11AM for a 2-3 hour ride. Nice winter pace with...

  • Retul MUVE and Bike Fit with Jan
    06:30 PM - 12/08/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    You have options, but what distinguishes bike fitting at Benidorm Bikes? Jan is a 1992 Team Time Trial World Champion, National Champion in both CycloCross and...

  • Holiday Open House
    06:00 PM - 12/02/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Come mingle with our staff, other cycling friends and reps as we thank you for riding bikes with us! Your support helped us to become a 2016 America's Best Bike...

  • Indoor Trainer DEMO Night
    06:00 PM - 11/11/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Experience On Line Platforms like ZWIFT, Trainer Road, and CycleOps Virtual Training Have you ever ridden an indoor bike trainer? Have you ever ridden on a road...

  • Fix A Flat
    06:00 PM - 07/28/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Bring your bike or you wheel. It's time to become more confident in changing a flat! you will no longer fear the flat situation! Bring your group of riding friends...

  • Riding with GPS
    06:00 PM - 07/14/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Who uses a Garmin and is confused with your settings and how to navigate using the maps? Bring your device, your bike and your friends! Let us help you upload...

  • Down and Dirty Take Care of Your Drivetrain!
    06:00 PM - 05/26/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Do you suffer from a grimey chain? Bring a bucket and your bike. You will learn how to clean your drivetrain (chain, cassette, chainrings), a very important part...

  • National Bike To Work Day
    06:30 AM - 05/20/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    Bike to Work Day Breakfast at Benidorm Bikes! Jan is feeding those who commit to commuting to work on National Ride to Work Day. From 6:30 am to 10 am, we'll have...

  • Fix A Flat Clinic
    06:00 PM - 04/28/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    The words say it all! Its it's time to refine those fix a flat skills! Learn how to use that CO2 quick fill, your floor pump and to identify if your have a schrader...

  • Nutrition with Aidan Charles of CCNS
    06:00 PM - 03/31/2016

    At Benidorm Bikes

    The way you live, the way you ride, the foods you eat. What does nutrition mean to you? It is not just about what you eat or drink while on the bike, but what...

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